Highly flexible low friction non-reinforced lead vinyl shielding material.


enviro-Flexx® is composed of finely divided lead metal particles fully encapsulated in vinyl polymer matrix (emulsion polymers, plasticisers, stabilisers and pigments).

The unique manufacturing process involves a single or multi-layer construction that produces a standardised sheet.  This ensures an even distribution of the specially graded pure lead within the vinyl matrix and therefore a consistent level of protection throughout the sheeting.

Low friction enviro-Flexx® is produced primarily for radiation protection curtains within security scanners.  It is formulated with a unique, thin vinyl skin and provides tough material with good wear characteristics that will not stretch of distort in use and will further limit wear to the curtains due to abrasion from objects passing through the scanner.

Our specially formulated low friction skin surface provides minimal resistance to articles passing through the x-ray scanner.  This increased scanner productivity by minimising the occurrence of blockages in the machine as a result of articles being restricted by the radiation protection curtains.  Unlike other materials, the unique formulation of the low friction skin surface does not rely on regular maintenance via the application of lubricating sprays or powders to preserve functionality – it is inbuilt through the thickness of the material.

Lead Equivalent Value
BS EN 61331-1:2002
Emboss Finish Colour Thickness Weight
0.35mm enviro-Flexx® Black One side 1.98mm 5.80 Kg/M2
0.50mm enviro-Flexx® Black One side 2.82mm 8.28 Kg/M2
Notes to specifications and physical properties
All weights and measurements carry a +/- 10% tolerance (except Pb mm equivalence at -0/+10%)